Thursday, August 08, 2013

Fabian Ciraolo meets Frida Kahlo

I love, love, love Fabian Ciraolo's modern interpretations of historical rebels. They all wear great clothes, listen to hipster bands, and have lots of tattoos.
My absolute favourite is the one he did of one of my heroes: Frida Kahlo. Even though he put her in modern clothes, she still has that Frida Kahlo ''air''. She's still wearing her flower ornaments in her hair, has her characteristic eyebrows (or uni-brow actually ;D), is still wearing red nail polish (even though in his pic it's on long fake nails) and is smoking: something she apparently really liked doing..

I am still thinking about getting Frida tattooed on me.. Probably on my right fore-arm, above the other tattoo I have there. Problem is; I haven't found to right picture of her yet. I'd like it to be very colourful.. That's all I know. Do I want a tattoo of one of her self-portraits, or do I want a photo-realistic tattoo of an actual photo of her? I even thought about asking a tattoo artist who's style I like to make his/her own interpretation of Frida and her style.. But I'm afraid I won't like what they come up with since I am so focused on it representing Frida and what she made and stood for.

Opinions or suggestions? I'm happy to hear them! X Puck

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