Friday, July 05, 2013

''Let Them Eat Cake!'' #1

Today I started a Marie Antoinette portrait in some kind of neo-traditional (and maybe a biiiit Helen Brown inspired) tattoo style. I'm making it as a thank you for someone.
When it comes to historical subjects I always want my drawings to be somewhat historically accurate. History and historical costumes from various countries / groups of people are amongst the few subjects I know a lot about so for the sketches I didn't need any pictures. The wigs they wore back then, however, are quite hard to draw so that's when I started looking for some pics. I also wanted a couple of pictures of Marie Antoinette herself so that I can match the face of my Marie Antoinette a bit with what she looks like in the paintings.
Photos of my drawing will be coming soon! Here's two nice pics of Marie Antoinette for you guys to get in the mood. ;) I don't know who did the portrait drawing. The painting of the young Marie Antoinette is by L.L. Périn-Salbreux.

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  1. Marie-Antoinette! Ik zou mijn dochter later nog zo noemen als ze daarom niet enorm gepest zou worden :P En haar dan rond laten dartelen in zo'n jurkje. Geweldig