Wednesday, July 24, 2013

''Let Them Eat Cake!'' #4

Tadaaahh! Here's the last post on Marie Antoinette inspired tattoos, and maybe the funniest one. Because this one is about the most awful tattoos I could find! And unfortunately for Marie Antoinette and tattooing, but fortunately for us, there were loads! I'm not just talking about tattoos that are badly done, I am also talking about tattoos that in my opinion portray MA in a really odd or horrid manner, even though they're technically done well. If you don't agree, please let me know. ;D Enjoy!

P.S. I don't know who did these tattoos and I don't own any of these designs.


Left: okaaay, so I have seen several Marie Antoinettes as mermaids. Why? What's the link between MA and mermaids? The tattoo isn't that badly done, but it's just very ''what the F did I just see?''.
Right: the MA tattoo next to it however, isn't done that well. I think the tattooist tried to show Marie Antoinettes flirtiness in a kind of burlesque way or something, but instead it turned out kind of trashy. Like an 18th century Peggy Bundy. :') And what's with the white dress? With a subject like MA you can go all out with costumes, hair and accessories! So I say: you just waisted an amazing designing opportunity!


Left: this tattoo must be the stiffest tattoo I've seen in my whole life!! I guess it has to be a bit stiff seen as it's supposed to be a (neo)traditional tattoo. Okay, the linework and colouring are good, but jeeeez.. The face looks like they took it straight off a random pin-up tattoo, the wig is grey (why?! What's with the grey wigs?!!), the bow on the wig looks totally out of place like that, right in the middle of the wig, and the boat - although very Marie Antoinette - looks like they pasted it on there last minute. By the way: they didn't wear collars like that back then, but whatever.
Right: the zombie Marie Antoinette; I've seen several of them (doesn't matter if they were meant to be zombies or just turned out that way). This tattoo is VERY well done! I'll give you that one. And I get the idea, it's supposed to show MA as a zombie and/or as the decadent, spoiled etc. creature some people say she was. But Marie Antoinette as a zombie in a strapless dress, holding a Martini, just doesn't work for me.


Left: I think you can all see what's wrong with this tattoo: the proportions are totally off. Her head is huge compared to her shoulders, her arms are really short and slim, her feet are too small and her legs are as long as her torso. Which is a shame really, because this is one of the only tattooists that has used all the fun, extravagant assets of the fashion whims from back then. I like the wig and it's accessories!
Right: if you look really, really, really closely you should be able to see the beautiful actrice Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette (in the movie with the same name), as she is shown on the movie poster and DVD cover. A picture I love by the way, and so does the lady in the pic. Unfortunately she chose the wrong tattooist to put it on her back. This is seriously ghastly! Don't let Kirsten see this!!

(P.S. The banner underneath the right tattoo says: ''L'Amour pour moi qui je suis, pas qui vous voulez être à moi'', which literally translates to: ''The love for who I am, not who you want to be for me'', but I guess it's supposed to say: ''Aimez-moi pour qui je suis, pas pour qui vous me voulez être'' / ''Love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be''. Should've studied her French a bit more before she got it I guess! ;'D)

And now, not to leave you guys behind with a horrible headache from all these tattoos and all my babbling, here is a gorgeous Marie Antoinette-esk drawing with an insane wig and hat I found somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately I totally forgot where I got it.

Gorgeous isn't she? ;)
'Till next time! X Puck

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