Friday, July 19, 2013

''Let Them Eat Cake!'' #3

I promised you guys that I'd upload a couple of good tattoo designs (or drawings that could be tattoo
designs) based on Marie Antoinette. So, here we go!
By the way: I do not own any of the work shown below! I did my best to retrace all the artists, but I couldn't find all of them. Sorry! If anyone has tips, please let me know. ;)
So I started with my two favourite ones. The first one is made by the amazing Angelique Houtkamp (''Salon Serpent Tattoo'', Amsterdam, Holland). She is probably the artist I look up to the most because of her amazing style; delicate and soft (she uses watercolours most of the time), portraying mostly women in Twenties style with beautiful elaborate headpieces! She is a tattooist, but focuses more on her paintings right now. And even if you aren't into tattooing but are into art you should totally check her out!
The gorgeous painting on the right is made by another of my favourite tattooists: Claudia de Sabe (''Jolie Rouge Tattoo'', London, UK). There aren't a lot of paintings by her to be found on the internet, but A LOT of tattoos, that are really worth seeing (as you all saw in my previous post). And again: it's a female tattooist, portraying mainly beautiful women in soft colours.
 *   *   * 

Then here we have three beautiful designs done by:

- Above left: ???
- Above right: Cristina Garcia (I think she's an independent artist, because she does a lot of guest sessions but I can't link her to any tattoo studio in particular!)
- To the left: ???

There are several tattoo designs of a beheaded Marie Antoinette, because of course she was beheaded in 1793. And if she's not holding her own head, she's holding and/or wearing birds, boats and most of all: cupcakes (probably because of the ''Let them eat cake!''-incident, but it still isn't proven that she's ever said that though!).
Honestly I think the design with the bats is kindaa.. random. I mean, what the F is with the combination of bats and cobwebs with cupcakes, macaroons and a lost strawberry that just wants to go home?! And what's with all the bunnies in her hair at several pics??
Anyways, in this pic, is she supposed to look dead, like a zombie? Or maybe ''destroyed'' by her decadent lifestyle? I don't know.

*   *   * 

On the left: Cathy FitzGerald, ''Wild at Heart Tattoo'', Brisbane, Australia
On the right: Deborah Ballinger, Brighton and Hove, UK. She's an independent illustrator.

Two great examples of people being inspired by Marie Antoinette's boat-headpieces, but instead of using it in the ''usual'' way (on top of an enormous amount of hair, as you can see in Angelique Houtkamp's picture above) they used it to create a different look. Really love the idea of a pirate ship used as some kind of pirate hat!

On the left: ???
On the right: Pamela Majocha, Toronto, Canada. She's an independent illustrator and graphic designer. If you like soothing pictures of pretty girls mainly produced in pastel colours, you should check her out!
These are two totally different Marie Antoinettes! The left one is cartoonish and dressed almost like a 18th century S&M mistress, while the other consists of child-like innocence and almost every pastel colour there is. Cute!

Well, that was all for today! Don't forget: my next post will be on really bad Marie Antoinette tattoos and tattoo flash... In my opinion at least. Anyways, you don't want to miss it! It's hilarious! ;D

Thank you for reading and showing interest in this! X Puck

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