Thursday, July 18, 2013

''Let Them Eat Cake!'' #2

So my previous post was about a drawing I was doing of Marie Antoinette in a sort of (neo)traditional tattoo style. On my quest for inspiration, of course I encountered several Marie Antoinette inspired tattoos. There are some awful Marie Antoinette tattoos out there, but there's also a lot of good ones which are tattoo√ęd in styles that I'd really like to master once I'm a tattoo artist (if I ever become one ;D). So again; no pictures of my drawing this time, but a bunch of my favourite Marie Antoinette (or Marie Antoinette inspired) tattoos!

By the way: my next posts will be on really good Marie Antoinette tattoo designs that are not (as far as I know) reproduced on skin, AND the one after that will be on not-so-very-good Marie Antoinette tattoo art and tattoos, so stay tuned!
P.S. I do not own any of the designs below! Of some of them I don't know the artist, but of most of them I do.. I hope. :') I did my best trying to retrace some of them, but unfortunately that didn't really work.


These three gorgeous portraits were tattoo√ęd by (from left to right): Taiom from ''Art Family Tattoo'', Brasilia and ''Zero Sen Tattoo Studio'', Sao Paulo ; Claudia de Sabe from ''Jolie Rouge Tattoo'', London, UK ; Steve Byrne from ''Rock of Ages Tattooing'', Texas, USA
They're all in different Neo-Traditional styles. I love the choice of colour in all tattoos. They're all very Marie Antoinette in my opinion, because when I think of Marie Antoinette I think of baby pink & blue, mint green and lavender.

*   *   *


So these are the only two (good) photo-realistic (or in this case: painting-realistic) tattoos I could find of her. Although the left one clearly is the better one technically, the other one looks more like Marie Antoinette. I think it's because the left one's eyes turned out to be kinda Asian and I have never seen a painting of her with Asian eyes. ;D Unfortunately I couldn't find the artist of either one..!
*   *   *

On the left: ??? ; on the right: [probably] Claudia de Sabe from ''Jolie Rouge Tattoo'', London, UK

On the left: ??? ; on the right: Colin McClain from ''Time and Tide Tattoo'', Derby, UK

So the two top ones both aren't Marie Antoinette, I'm aware of that. ;) However, they're very good for inspiration. Look at the hair on the left one! And even more inspirational: the jewellery, and the pearls and flowers in the right one's hair!
The other ones however are Marie Antoinette. I like the one on the right better though. I just hope the words ''Teenage Dream'' on the left one are meant ironically, because Marie Antoinette's life was shit. Having to marry a chubby, not-so-hot prince at the age of 14. Having people wake uou up every morning to check if you did it yet and if you're pregnant (which she eventually was, SEVEN years after the marriage started, because the prince didn't want and didn't know how to have sex with her. And in those 7 years she was obviously ridiculed, even tortured from all sides because she couldn't ''produce an heir''). Now that ain't my idea of a ''teenage dream''!
By the way.. Why is her hair really, really grey in the pic? I know older people sometimes wore grey wigs back then, but young people didn't..!

Well anyways, more about this subject next time!
X Puck

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